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Internal Circlips

Internal Circlips

Salient Features of Internal Circlips :

As circlips are installed in pre-cut grooves, these pre-cut grooves can often be machined simultaneously with other production process; they eliminate threading, tapping, drilling, and other costly machining operations.
Speed of assembly and disassembly further reduces manufacturing costs.
Space saving, compared to contemporary methods.
• Reduces assembly weight.
Longer service life.

Material of External Circlips :

All the Circlips are manufactured from spring steel of grade such as 70C6 or 75C6 confirming to IS: 2507 - 1975 specification for cold rolled steel strips for springs (first revision).

Surface Finish of External Circlips :
Unless the purchaser specifies any alternative finish, the circlips shall be chemically or thermally blackened.

Quality Assurance:

All circlips are thoroughly inspected for parameters like circlips thickness, internal diameter, conical deformation, spiral flatness, hardness and function like set and grip.