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Sheet Metal Components For Automotive Parts

Sheet Metal Components For Automotive Parts, Brackets, Cover, Spring seats, Hinges, Caster Wheel Bracket, Steel Cap, Metal Inserts, Frame Parts

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Automotive Parts

• Brackets
• Cover
• Spring seats
• Hinges
• Caster Wheel Bracket
• Steel Cap
• Metal Inserts
• Frame Parts
We, AASRAA METALS are pioneers in manufacturing and supplying various varieties of industrial brackets. A bracket is fixed or mounted in a wall which in turn is used for various purposes like keeping / storing material or industrial equipments. It is also helpful in supporting pipelines mounted on walls.
We can supply brackets with different finishes like SS, black, silver and so on. There are different types of brackets like shelf brackets used for shelfs, Pipe brackets for supporting pipe lines, wall rail brackets etc.
We, AASRAA METALS can manufacture and supply spring seats for various vehicles like four wheelers ,three wheelers and two wheelers as well as for office furniture and domestic purpose. High quality raw material is used to produce these products which are durable and thus economical. Due to excellent design our spring seats are comfortable , jerk absorbable and thus popular.
We AASRAA METALS are famous for manufacturing and supplying excellent quality of hinges. Hinges are off course used to join a door to it's corresponding frame. As we use excellent quality of raw material our hings are practically rust free . There are number of types of hinges like block hings, flag hings, butt hings, latch hings, slip joint hings and so on. We supply hings with different dimensions . Also they are available in SS as well as Aluminium.
We, AASRAA METALS manufacture and supply best quality of caster wheel brackets. Caster wheel brackets or caster wheels are off course used for movement of material or equipments from one place to another. Caster wheel brackets are fixed below a trolley which can be used for moving things to different places. It can be used in case of furniture. Caster wheels are made from different materials like iron, plastic, rubber , aluminium etc.
Metal insert or threaded insert is also called as threaded bushing. It is a fastener , element. It is added or fitted in a threaded hole. They are useful in repairing a stripped threaded hole. They can also be used to mold or cast threads into a work piece thereby eliminating a machining operation. In metal inserts there are number of types like Threaded metal inserts, Knurled inserts etc. Generally metal inserts are used in industry to give metallic thread performance in a plastic part.